Bambi OSHC - Geraldton Grammar School

Bambi strives, through its Vision, to continually deliver a sustainable and excellent quality childcare and early learning education environment. To achieve this, Bambi employs the National Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF] operating philosophy settings. The MTOP framework seeks to afford children the best start in life in order to create a better future for themselves; and the nation.

Bambi lives by the principle expressed in its tag-line; ”Quality childcare, early education”.

Bambi provides Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) at Geraldton Grammar School. The OHSC program aims to provide a distinctive, high quality out-of-school-hours service that promotes early learning and development. Through the OSHC service, Bambi places emphasis on play, social interactions and recreation.

At the Bambi OSHC, each child is treated as an individual in a friendly atmosphere where positive self-esteem is enhanced and, both curiosity and initiative are fostered.

The Bambi OSHC program is guided by the “my time, our place” framework and places enormous value on input from the participating children, as well as their families, our professional and experienced staff and wider values stakeholders; including the local community.

As for all Bambi services, the Policies are set by the Board of Management and are cognisant with both the Education and Child Care Act and Regulations as well as good Corporate Governance and appropriate business practices. All Policies are supported by way of (continuously reviewed and improved) procedures which are set in the international ISO 9001:2008 operating framework. This includes references to the National Quality Standards (NQS) which are included in all service elements.

Bambi employees, supported by qualified Teacher/s undertake regular “programming” activities to ensure that all services are continually ‘refreshed’ and thereby remain current and relevant to the needs of the children and the business. Bambi values serving parents and children from diverse backgrounds in the region with quality childcare, expanded early education and supporting services in the Geraldton, Greenough and wider Midwest childcare market.

Bambi utilizes advanced childcare management programming and security services with a passion for care and learning as a foundation for service growth whilst leveraging the valuable opportunity provided in early years’ education.

Bambi provides a personal, open and friendly offering, making children its centre focus in a sustainable and reliable childcare and early learning entity through an inclusive and engaging atmosphere that promotes ongoing improvement.