Bambi Child Care is a locally owned and operated provider of long day care and out of school hours care, conveniently located in the CBD of Geraldton.  Bambi was established over 40 years ago and has been around for a long time.

Bambi Child Care has a vision to expand sustainability while delivery excellence in quality day care and early education.

Bambi prides itself on serving families and children from diverse backgrounds in the region with quality childcare and has a passion to ensure children are provided with the best start in life with comprehensive early education.

Fitzgerald Street Day Care Centre

Through expanded early education and supporting services in the Geraldton/Greenough and wider Midwest childcare market, Bambi utilises an advance childcare management programming and security services with a dedication for care and learning as a foundation for service growth whilst leveraging the valuable opportunity provided in early years education by a personal, open and friendly offering, making children its centre focus in a sustainable and reliable childcare and early learning entity, through an inclusive and engaging atmosphere that promotes ongoing quality and improvement.


Bambi provides all meals throughout each day, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  These menus have been developed according to the Australian Dietary Requirements for long day care, along with the Australian Government Department Of Health program Get Up And Grow and have been reviewed by an accredited nutritionist.

A Sunsmart Day Care Centre

Bambi Childcare is a Sun Smart registered centre where we ensure that children are protected from the harmful sun as per the Sun Smart guidelines.  Families and children are encouraged and educated on the importance of protection from the sun and our Educators role model these guidelines at all times.


Jeff and Kelly Burton have been the owner of Bambi Child Care Centre since the 1st January 2007 and we are a local family who have lived in the area for 40 years and have strong ties to the local communities. Jeff and Kelly have a young family with three children – Blake, Nikayla and Jarrad, who have all been in the child care environment. With this knowledge they are aware of the quality of care people expect and aim to provide just that.

In October 2014, Bambi began to run under an Integrated Management System 9001:2008, part of this process involved the development of an Executive Team. This team runs from our Chapman Road Office and includes the Administration Officer who handles accounts and quality administration, the Production Officer who handles the running of all centres, including staff, resources and rosters and the Commercial Officer who handles the marketing and sales of the business.

Bambi also has an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) at both services who run educational programs for all children.  The ECT works off the floor and develops the intentional teaching into the daily curriculum. The ECT also liaises with the two OSHC services to develop the School Holiday program for our OSHC children, which includes lots of excursions into the local community.

Jeff and Kelly and all of our wonderful staff and educators would like to welcome you to our Centres and if you would like to discuss any matters with us you can arrange a meeting through the Director at any time.