Jeff and Kelly Burton have been the owner of Bambi Child Care Centre since the 1st January 2007 and we are a local family who have lived in the area for 40 years and have strong ties to the local communities. Jeff and Kelly have a young family with three children – Blake, Nikayla and Jarrad, who have all been in the child care environment. With this knowledge they are aware of the quality of care people expect and aim to provide just that.

In October 2014, Bambi began to run under an Integrated Management System 9001:2008, part of this process involved the development of an Executive Team. This team runs from our Chapman Road Office and includes the Administration Officer who handles accounts and quality administration, the Production Officer who handles the running of all centres, including staff, resources and rosters and the Commercial Officer who handles the marketing and sales of the business.

Bambi also has an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) at both services who run educational programs for all children.  The ECT works off the floor and develops the intentional teaching into the daily curriculum. The ECT also liaises with the two OSHC services to develop the School Holiday program for our OSHC children, which includes lots of excursions into the local community.

Jeff and Kelly and all of our wonderful staff and educators would like to welcome you to our Centres and if you would like to discuss any matters with us you can arrange a meeting through the Director at any time.