Bambi will support and guide your child via our daily curriculum on offer and value any family input into your child’s learning, interests and development.  The Educators will share the highlights of each day through writing evaluations of planned and spontaneous activities on the daily curriculum.  Writing these evaluations on the curriculum allows the Educators to communicate with families about some of the meaningful activities and interactions of the day. These evaluations are in line with the government’s Early Years Learning Framework.

The children will be encouraged to extend of their experiences to help further develop their skills, knowledge and interest through the daily curriculum.  In our Joeys room we program for each child individually. The activities and experiences which are planned are developmentally appropriate and goals are set for each child to achieve. The intentional teaching in our Joeys room is developed by our Early Childhood Teacher, who aims to ensure developmental milestones are a focus of learning, in preparation for each child to transition into our School Readiness Program.

Our Programs

are broken into 3 age groups