Bambis’ Wombats Room offers a School Readiness Program to introduce a variety of independence skills and developmental milestones to the children in preparation for transitioning into the school environment. Our School Readiness Program is developed by our Early Childhood Teacher in collaboration with the Wombats Room Leader to ensure that the program maintains being child led.

We believe children learn through play and activities are presented for pre-writing, pre-reading, early math, and science, that children will find fun and stimulating.

Through play-based learning in our stimulating indoor and outdoor environments, children can build on their natural curiosity while developing their social and emotional skills, language and literacy, physical development and much, much more.

With the guidance of our qualified educators, your child will learn to think deeply, problem solve and work cooperatively – all great skills for school and life.

As a part of our School Readiness Program, we run a Wellbeing Program each day to encourage each child to participate in daily fitness, to assist in the further development of gross motor skills. Bambi also provides opportunity for each child to participate and engage in a dance or yoga program once a week. These programs are designed by our Early Childhood Teacher to ensure each program is developmentally appropriate for pre-school children.

Each school term, a Special Events Calendar is developed to incorporate incursions and excursions as a part of our School Readiness Program. This provides further opportunity for the children to connect with their community and further develop their skills and knowledge in the world in which they live.